Pet Lodging

Welcome home to Woofman’s

Our traditional indoor-outdoor accommodations offer much more than most. Your food or ours, the choice is yours at no extra cost. Each guest gets to romp or relax in one of our many spacious play yards. Traditional $39/night.*

Luxury suites are a must-have for the pets that appreciate the finer things in life. Each suite has its own themed decoration, satellite TV, premium bed and bedding, and more. Many have exterior windows offering direct sunlight. Dogs are hand-walked out to the exercise yards where they can play with a favorite toy, observe passing wildlife, or simply mingle with the guests in adjacent yards. Luxury Suite $55/night.*

Our Cattery provides your feline companion luxury without equal. Let your cat relax in our private window suite, with a climbing tree and satellite TV. Cattery $30/night*

All K-9 guests at Woofman’s go outside into one of our 19 private exercise yards, a minimum of five times a day. Each guest exercises in their own yard. Because Woofman's cares for your pets as much as you do, we are one of the only facilities that does late outs at night. First outs start at 7AM and last outs finish at 9PM.
*all prices subject to change
check out time is 11:30 am, late fees may apply for pick-ups after that time
additional $15 charge applies for Sunday pick-ups

We also offer Pampered Pet Packages:

  • Pampered Pet: Includes one"Bully Stick" chew and one treat filled Kong or Squirrel Dude. $10.00
  • Day Camp: Two playtimes (one playtime using agility tunnels etc.) and one treat filled Kong. $20.00
  • Playtime/Cuddle Time: 20 minutes of one-on-one playtime/cuddle time with a member of our staff. $8.00
  • *Sweet Dreams*: Bedtime story and tuck in with a biscuit snack. $5.00
  • Holiday Turkey Dinner: Organic turkey dinner with all of the fixings. $4.00
  • *Weenie Roast* $4.00
  • *Sunday Pot Roast* $4.00
  • *Sunday Breakfast*: Scrambled eggs and bacon. $4.00
  • *Ice Cream Social*: One dish of delicious ice cream. $4.00
  • Ultimate: Three playtimes, one treat filled Kong or Squirrel Dude and a bedtime treat. $25.00
  • "Ruffing" It: Pick 5 of the *starred* items. $18.00
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